Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Tutorial - PHP and cURL

Since I'm making heavy use of PHP and cURL, I thought I'd share a great tutorial, "PHP and cURL Functions Tutorial," for those interested in working with these technologies to implement their own scraping/crawling web service.

As you should know, PHP is a multi-purpose web scripting language. It is relatively simple to use, fast and uniquely designed to work with the web!

cURL is a set of libraries that enables a user to access web resources remotely, meaning you never have to go to a web page to get the page contents, or fill out a form. In theory, you could process all your online banking requests via PHP and cURL without ever having to manually login and navigate the bank's website.

Basically, with these two technologies, coupled with Google Search, you can do a whole lot of very cool, very good (or very bad) things on the web. These technologies are especially useful for data-mining through the web.

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