Monday, May 23, 2011

A little self promotion - Web Creds..

I was thinking it might be a good idea to archive all the websites I have worked on, developed, etc. Some of the sites still work, some were abandoned, some I'm proud of and some I would rather forget. Nevertheless, I have never claimed to be a designer, but rather a php/mysql ninja, capable of integrating different technologies, and an SEO genius.
  • TinyGoneBig (Newest Project) -
  • Hopelink -
  • Whitman County Democrats -
  • The Public Sphere Project -
  • The Global Plant Sciences Initiative -

  • Interconnection (not sure if the PHP/MySQL is still in use, but not my design) -
Of course there are a lot more projects that I have worked on in the past 7 years (Jesus, it has been that long!!!), but many of them are defunct, archived somewhere in cyberspace (hopefully never to be seen But overall, these are some of more interesting projects. Not to mention, I think each project highlights specific expertise that I've acquired.

For example, the Hopelink site makes heavy use of (SEO) Google Analytics, AdSense, Meta-tags, etc. I worked hard to increase traffic and visibility of the site and the organization. Web traffic doubled since I was there, and it has doubled twice over since I left (4+ years ago).

The GPSI site, and more recently the TinyGoneBig project, gave me a crash course in building social networking platforms for business and community collaboration. And so on...

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