Thursday, June 12, 2008


So after some wrestling with various approaches to building the GPSI site with SharePoint it was decided that we would go with the Collaboration Site approach. Though the workflow features are much weaker than with the Publishing Site application provided in SharePoint, there seems to be greater flexibility in design. For me, what was perhaps most important for this particular group was the ease for me in abstracting the complexity of SharePoint from the GPSI site users.

In the case of a Publishing Site there seems to be a great deal of power, but with that power comes greater complexity and therefore greater responsibility, which would mean more work for me in fixing screw ups, or in writing extensive how-tos. Ugh!

Anyway, I think we can accomplish what we are attempting to do here without the Publishing Site application. However, it is clear that no matter what, I'm gonna have to role up the sleeves and get into the CLR and start playing around with some IronPyton.

And though the site is not public the url is/will be:

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