Thursday, May 29, 2008

Software for Pattern Language Development and a Cool Intership Opportunity

So Yishay notified me yesterday that the base system for the collaborative pattern language development site is up and working. Pretty cool stuff! Here is the link to the new site:

If we can get the pieces we want in the system I think this tool could become extremely useful upon completion. I posted some of these wants in posting on the Planet site already but if you missed that please go back and take a look.

The pattern language network project (Planet, is developing a system for collaborative authoring of pattern languages, based on the XWiki platform. We're having our own "summer of code", offering one or two intern opportunities for students of computer science or related fields.

Interns will contribute to the exploration of novel forms of knowledge representation, organization and visualization in this domain. A solid knowledge of a high level programming language (e.g. Java) is essential, as is a creative approach to web development.

Please note that this is not a paid position.

If anyone is interested get in contact with Yishay.

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