Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Questions, Less Answers!

Theoretical Questions:
Can the integration of systems-thinking, pattern languages and process monitoring as iterative approaches to sustainability lead to more effective development planning, implementation and outcomes?

Evidence has shown that each approach can contribute to effective policy construction and useful outcomes aimed at supporting sustainability.

However, each approach is inherently complex, often times requiring and generating masses of information needed to properly understand socio-environmental issues and corresponding solutions. This data is often presented in the form of GIS, System Dynamics Models, Influence Diagrams, Case Study Reports, Patterns as "Best Practices" and Transcripts of Actor Interactions, just to name few.

Considering the complexity of these models and the reliance on iterative processes of problem definitions, solution construction, feedback and adaptation, the research seeks to answer a parallel question; can ICTs structured to incorporate these models effectively enable better practice, information retention, community memory and overall facilitate in the application of collaborative use of these models?

No explicit integration of these models has been attempted despite their relevance to each other. Similarly, little effort has been pursued to enable these practices within collaborative spaces online (except for perhaps process monitoring).

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