Friday, April 4, 2008

Drupal Module versus Standalone App

Ok, I have found some interesting resources within the Drupal community regarding SVG. In fact, there what appears to be a full feature SVG API for Drupal. Now, even though I'm working with Drupal to develop my prototype app for community natural resource management, I'm wondering if I should adopt the SVG API, or write a standalone app and create a list of functions so the app can interface with Drupal.

I think for the sake of ease it would be better to go the Drupal route, but thinking long-term, I want the app to work in any environment that supports PHP. Surely, I could build the Drupal module first and then begin to think about extending the app, but I'm one of those coders that HATES to repeat my work.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on this it would be great.

If you are new to my blog check out this post to get an idea of what I'm doing with SVG: Need to build some software..., and The process of visualizing complex environments.


Lars said...


just found your blog by searching for "drupal" and "oop" in various combinations.

i might work as a drupal developer in the near future (mainly creating new modules). I browsed over the drupal sources, and although they are very clean and structured, I'm really set back by the "non existence" of oop (sure they follow the philosophy, but by their own means).

I myself have a very strong background in oop-php. In your experience: Is it possible to write modules in oop-php5 or will i be forced to go back to procedural?

justingriffis said...

Yes, you can write some oop modules but it can be kinda tough. From what I hear you can use oop more effectively in the new and up-coming versions of drupal.

If you go onto the drupal forums you should find resources contributed by developers concerned by the same apparent shortcoming.

The funny thing for me is that as soon as I made this post I was given a heads at work to get back into python, django and now the google appengine.

I'm not sure what you are wanting to do, but CMS development is pretty easy in django and the design of python as a language make it very modular in nature.