Friday, October 12, 2007

Site Design Done (Almost)

Here is the new site I built for JESA. The Jesuits in Social Action is group that supports social justice and development activities throughout South Asia. A very cool group and worth looking into.

The content of the site is still being updated so most of the pages only serve as a place holder. It seems that I might be working to help develop a CMS in the future rather than just a simple website. I hope so, but we'll see what they say.

It does seem to me that they have lots of news, events and publications that they want to manage, as well as other media types. To me this would make sense to be managed through a CMS.

We are also in contact regarding future sites for some of their community programs and I would be very interested to support some eLearning and NRM programs that they are involved in. In fact, some of these might make great cases for the Pattern Language 'co-construction' process.

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