Friday, September 7, 2007

Pesky Frameworks...

Well, after downloading Symfony and trying to get it working on my mac with MAMP I found much difficulty. I truly hate technologies that I have mess around with before I can even begin to work with them.

So on a whim and going against my original post on using Symfony over Django or Rails because of the centrality of PHP among those working with PSP, I decided to load Django. Seriously, it took 15 minutes or less to get everything working. This includes downloading Python2.5 for my mac, downloading the Django package, running the install command and running the command to create a Django project. I tested the Django dev server and it worked fine.

So far tonight I have spent several hours just getting orientated on Symfony, the server config, Pear with MAMP and so forth. Unfortunately, I could dump MAMP and just install the newest version of PHP and Apache for Mac, but getting those set up are not a fun adventure either.

So, I guess I'm going to go against the grain of my views and play with Django for a bit. After all, Python as a programming language is by far my first choice.

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