Monday, August 27, 2007

Thinking of a Community Knowledge System

Another note:

By using something like Green Maps or another similar community application it is possible to record past and on-going projects that could enable future groups to draw from and develop community memory. This could also provide information to future groups that might potentially interface with past projects in order to create a continually expanding web of sustainable design projects.

Similarly, if using patterns as a way to link solutions with community data to design community solutions, it is possible to record the decisions made by these communities for ongoing assessment and possible adaptation.

This is perhaps my primary justification for supporting an information or community knowledge system (CKS) approach to designing pattern-centric community development. This way communities can be better able to monitor and adapt.

I think this became most obvious when reading the book, "Development as Process: Concepts and Methods for Working with Complexity,"which describes an on-going adaptive approach, that seeks to use 'process documentation' as a way to produce feed-back whereby planners and community stakeholders can tweak and address short-comings in their original assumptions.

By integrating this practice with presence of community information systems it seems that people might be better equipped to produce the necessary feedback about their projects in a much more timely manner. It seems to me that one of the primary critiques of Development as Process is the difficulty of obtaining 'real-time' information.

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