Friday, August 31, 2007

A new pattern to ponder...

I'm really burnt out already and it is only the 2nd week of classes. This whole moving from the so-called 'soft-sciences' to the 'hard-sciences' is forcing me to approach things in a way I'm not used to and it is a bit overwhelming.

Anyway, following in line with this new track in my professional and academic career I think the pattern of "Dematerialization" written by Burl Humana is a truly worthwhile piece to consider, and in fact might be something to look at that could spin a whole series of sub-patterns.

In many ways, that is what I see communities of users doing with the patterns. Use these elements both as templates and pointers for directing community research and investigation for expanding and encouraging a contextualized implementation of these patterns by identifying those concrete pieces that need to be employed for these patterns achieve their fullest potential.

This is the image provided by Burl for his pattern.

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